Yay, we just passed a little milestone with The Guardian Anywhere, the free Android news-reading product we've been working on over the last year. We've passed the 20,000 download mark (20,430 to be precise), and a little birdie tells me that we've now distributed more than 450,000 copies of the Guardian to date. The reviews from users are positive, too; here's how our 540 customer reviews to date break down:

Guardian Anywhere, 16.09.2010

Oh, and T3 magazine have just reviewed it too, saying:

"The app is a revelation for those who have been browsing the ‘full fat’ version of the Guardian on their phone. Articles take seconds to load, images just a little more. Everything is laid out in an easy to read manner and the whole thing is a joy to use.

So we're pretty chuffed: we've learned a great deal about Android, and how to launch and support our own products. Where next?

We're looking to find a commercial home for the Guardian Anywhere now: to take the app and tie it into other publications. We expect this to be pretty straightforward: it consumes RSS, the standard for syndicating content online, and we've reworked and re-skinned the user interface of the product ourselves once already. Feature-wise it's very rich: we have customisation (letting users choose content they're interested in), some implicit personalisation, tight integration with social networking, and the core "offline" feature which lets you download content when your phone is plugged in and charging overnight, using your Wi-fi to avoid unpleasant phone bills.

So if you know of anyone who might be interested in licensing the Guardian Anywhere and using it themselves, please do pop a comment here or email me.