The Guardian have released figures for their iPad product - 17,000 iPad subscriptions, an unspecified number of Kindle ones.

I was trying to work out if this is good or bad. It's bad, because that's a small number (£2m gross revenue p.a. before Apple's cut). But with daily print sales of 211,511 in June, that makes iPad 7.5% of (print+iPad) readership.

I wonder how that compares to the percentage of Guardian readers who own iPads... my gut would be plenty of room for growth. I'm curious about those Kindle figures, which would reach a different audience... and I wonder whether there's any plan for a paid-for Android product?

Update: after a chat on Twitter with Benedict Evans: there are apparently 5.5m iPads in the UK, so iPad ownership here is 10%; not all those iPad subscribers are UK, of course, but it's a useful comparison. Not sure if we could conclude that iPad ownership in Guardian readers accords with that though, according to their own stats on readership their audience is roughly average in terms of age and gender, but skews towards being better educated and more likely to be AB than most. Accordingly I'd expect iPad ownership to be way higher - double? - for them.