A lovely Easter weekend:

  • 4 days of lie-ins, catching up on sleep I'd bartered away over the first 3 months of 2008;
  • 3 films - Invasion, Rendition, and Cloverfield - and I found something to enjoy in each of them;
  • 2 and a half books read: finally finished Bruce Chatwins Songlines (which was absolutely fantastic), Presentation Zen, and started on The Player of Games (to my shame, the first Culture novel I've read);
  • 1 tech sabbath: I switched off my mobile and laptop for Sunday, and kept them switched off. It felt horrific for the first 12 hours, lovely for the second 12 :)

All that plus a night out with the Good Doctor, Dangermouse Dave's birthday bash and a succession of meals and cake.

So now I'm rested and relaxed - a good thing, with a busy few weeks ahead: our fortnightly planning day on Wednesday followed by a Girl Geek Dinner, Mobile Internet in Berlin the following week, Over The Air in London the Friday after I return, the first "Chatham House" software meet the following week and a trip to Airenjuku London (mob-handed, I suspect) to say au revoir to Chris on the 12th April...