Alex Craxton asked a question on Twitter, around how quickly users do or don't upgrade their applications. Quick as a flash, Mr Hugman had dug out the relevant graphs from our analytics of The Guardian Anywhere. The following two graphs show the transition between two minor versions of the product - from 2.15 to 2.17 (2.16 was a very short-lived version we rolled out a bug fix for):

Ramp-down from 2.15:

Guardian Anywhere, ramp-down

Ramp-up from 2.17:

Guardian Anywhere, upgrade ram-up

They're plotting the number of synchronisations we've had from each version, per day. We typically see one sync per active user per day.

The Guardian Anywhere currently has 36,440 users with active installations; given that by the 8th August we had 29,745 syncs from version 2.17, this equates to 81% of our audience upgrading to the latest version within 5 weeks of launch. Hope that helps, Alex!