I'm going to be travelling east for 10 days later this month, starting on 15th. My first stop is Tokyo, where I've been invited to give a talk at the UK embassy to Japanese mobile companies. I'll be presenting some case studies of mobile success in the UK, with the aim of giving some Do's and Don'ts for Japanese businesses wanting to travel to our shores. I then have a few days in Tokyo, when I'm looking to hook up with interesting local mobile businesses; it's been nearly a decade since I last visited and I'm curious to see how mobile has evolved in that time. This time around, I probably won't be pulling out a Nokia 7110 in an attempt to impress anyone...

I'll also be taking the opportunity to pop into Aikikai Hombu Dojo to train, and hopefully see a few familiar faces. Two of the visiting instructors from summer schools past, Kobayashi Sensei and Sugawara Sensei, should be resident - and I understand that a few UK folks are coincidentally in town around the same time.

I'm then heading to China for a few days on 23rd, to catch up with our friends at Microsoft Mobile Services in Shenzhen.

I'd be very interested in recommendations for interesting people or companies to visit in Tokyo, Shenzhen or Hong Kong whilst I'm out that way.