ICUE launches: "Starting up was surprisingly easy. You simply send a text message to 64888 with the word ICUE typed into the text section. You soon receive another text message inviting you to click on a web address. After three or four clicks you are on its website and free to choose from a number of books. I chose the free one, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and opted to store it on a memory card rather than on the phone itself. It is claimed to work on most cameraphones."

ICUE is another one of the things that's been keeping us busy over the last few months: a huge stack of novels (over 250 at the last count) distributed as MIDlets for 42 handsets (so far), with a WAP store presenting them for sale. Visuals by Blair Kimber, implemented by a crack team of FPers: Ms Lozdan, Mr Andrews, Mr Hopper, Mr Leies and Mr Skinner.