Well... post-World Telemedia I'd planned to take a few days off, consciously planning to do nothing with them. So obviously on Sunday I came down with the bastard cold that's been floating around and have spent most of yesterday and today alternately sneezing and leaking. But what better was to dispel phlegm than working your way through the I-mode developer documentation, eh?

It's good stuff, though it confirms my view (not held by everyone) that writing markup is only a tiny slice of the overall development effort for any mobile service - and that as such, the "cHTML is just like HTML" argument used to sell I-mode in to content providers is pretty irrelevant.

Which is not to say that I don't rate I-mode: the documentation is unusually relevant, concise and clear compared to some specs I've read (or ahem written), and seems to have a very clear pragmatism underlying it. And my experiences of using it so far have been positive.

As will be bloody obvious from all this, we have an I-mode project on. It's a bit different from most of the stuff that we do in one key respect, and should be quite nifty once launched. More soon.