Improved searching: "Welcome as these new features are, the big announcement from OnOneMap was the new feature of “Intuitive Searching” which enables users to combine search criteria to construct a sentence that instructs the service what properties to show, eg, “I want to buy a flat with up to 2 bedrooms for up to £300,000. It must be no more than 1 mile from a train station”."

I read the John Battelle book about search and Google recently (and found it really good - thoroughly recommended), and one of the striking points in this was the notion that search is a problem that's only 5% solved. Personally I'm so used to keyword searching (and comfortable with boolean search terms, exclusions etc.) that I can't imagine it working any other way... which only points at a lack of imagination on my part. If OnOneMap can actually do the stuff it's claiming reliably over a large body of data, that's a significant step forward for searching. It's a big IF IMHO - lots of folks have tried, and claimed to do, this sort of stuff before.

Then hook it up to something like Spinvox to do speech-to-text and you have natural-language interfaces to search which really make sense on mobile (after all, talking into a squawk box is way easier than poking it with your pudgy fingers).