What "integrated media" seems to mean most of the time today: "We'll use the same colours and tagline on our web site as we do on our posters."

What it should mean: "We'll contact our customers, and let them talk back to us, in any way they wish. If we contact them, that's permission for them to contact us."

This ties in with the numerous rants I've spat all over various mailing lists and the web about SMS keywords (or "SMS domain names" as they're being referred to). Companies need to listen to their customers. That means taking not of what their customers say, even if they don't say it in quite the right way.

Everything needs to be 2-way. I should be able to stand at a bill-board and instantly register interest. Or complain. Or suggest. It doesn't matter how I do this - though obviously mobile is a great candidate for it. Immediate responses are good for the advertiser (presuming they're comfortable having their ad effectiveness measured), and good for the customer.

I don't understand why every billboard or print advert doesn't have a shortcode or phone number, inviting responses by text message.