Fraser Spiers on slow responses from the iPhone App Store: "If Apple can’t guarantee a maximum 24 hour review process, they should drop it."

I completely agree that this is a really important issue. One of the things I loved about even a jailbroken iPhone is the installer app, which is the best experience I've ever had of downloading and upgrading applications on a mobile device. No settings, no WAP Push, no security prompts, no portals to wade through: lovely.

But you don't have to be faster than the tiger, you just have to be faster than the other guy... and it would be difficult for Apple to be slower than incumbent mobile telcos. We've done a lot of work with them over the years.

One of our clients has a very profitable mobile service. They've been in the process of getting on-portal with one large UK operator for *four years*. That's not "trying to find the right person to talk to" or "pitching the idea in", but rather "yes, we love your content, let's get it on there"... and then the wading through molasses of departments, reorgs, and so on.