Jerry Roe of Shazam on mobile content:

"Yet there are two quite different approaches to the delivery of wireless content. The first and most obvious is the straightforward repurposing and provision of information or entertainment content in a wireless format. This has obvious benefits — in terms of speed to market and maximising existing investments — but does not put the medium to best use and is likely to raise significant DRM issues.

The second, and more interesting, is to view wireless content provision as an entirely new market, and to develop new applications and offerings that are specifically designed to exploit the unique opportunities presented by the wireless market."

Completely agree. Most of what we've seen so far has been repurposing of content that already existed: classic arcade games ported to J2ME, mobile editions of magazines, and so on. What we need are applications which are designed with the unique properties of mobile in mind, from the perspectives of financial models (moving beyond pay-per-download), context of usage (looking at how and when people use phones), and technology (you'd think that constant availability of a network might change the sorts of games you'll see).