Things I love about my Kindle:

  • Its weaknesses feel like strengths. The web browser is rubbish. It's comforting to have one there for emergencies, but I've hardly ever used it;
  • The cheapo leather case. It feels like one of the books my dad would use for display in his shop. The kindle is a well-loved, treasured item;
  • No multitasking - yay! No multitasking means fewer distractions means more reading;
  • One-click ordering, frictionless flow of financibits between my pocket and Mr Bezos;
  • The unboxing experience was a glorious slap in the face to Cupertino: recycled cardboard instead of glossy white; welcoming me by name instead of inviting into the Cupertino fan-club;
  • Synchronisation between devices: reading a few pages on my phone updates my place on the Kindle.

Things I hate about my Kindle:

  • The bizarrely WIMPy UI, completely unsuited to using with cursor keys. Who cares about windows and cursors? Why not use the left/right paging metaphor here?
  • 90% of my keyboard use is typing numbers, to go to specific pages. Numbers are the hardest thing to type (I have to pop up the symbol keyboard);
  • Organising large numbers of books and documents is icky. Collections are a start but a year in, I'm going to hate this aspect of it;
  • Why not more use of book recommendations? Feed me more books and I'll buy them, this thing is addictive;

It's strange how warm I feel towards this device, shocking and pleasing at the same time. After my mobile phone, it's the first thing I carry with me: it's cheap enough for me to worry less about damage or theft, and I don't feel like I'm showing off if I get it out on the train (as I do with iPad).