Hmm, just finished giving a brief talk for a Sussex Enterprise event held at the lovely Koba (site design: Neujuice), on PDAs and smartphones for small businesses.

It felt weird. I've not done any public speaking for ages, and whilst I was nervous as hell before-hand I kind-of ended up enjoying it. I guess that's a good sign, but I spotted my usual tendency to talkfasterandfasterasthingswenton popping up, and ended up throwing a load of cack in there (bears? snakes? what was that all about??). I wish I'd prepared more, yet less formally, in retrospect: until 5pm this afternoon I had a *very* corporate PowerPoint indeed. So anyway, I need to do more of this - any offers?

Still, really nice to see a few of the local new meeja faces there (Jeremy, Richard, Jon, Matt, Alex, etc.) who I've not bumped into for a while. And interesting to hear about Moving Edge's experiences of really officelessness... it's one thing to sign up for that kind of existence in principle but carry on, as I have, doing things The Old Way - it's another to actually live it.

Update: "like being at a tupperware party organised by Gizmodo"