Bill Thompson and Philippa Martin-King talking about sustainability.

BT: It's not about carbon load, it's about availability of voltage differences. There's a link between electricity and carbon, but carbon is not the problem... ICT systems were designed in a time before environmental issues, they're not efficient... We need to take small steps to improve our efficiency so we can justifiably approach governments and corporations and ask them to change.

PMK: It's today's youth who will be dealing with the problem.

<Tom Taylor on using social softwar to encourage sustainable behaviour:

It's clear that our behaviours are unsustainable. 88% of people are concerned, most have problems finding things that they can do to help beyond recycling. - a social site around setting up monthly actions in which to participate. Badges of green actions individuals have carried out. It's a hook: doing something easy gets you into the site, which then moves you on to do harder things. (Very reminiscent of another startup we've been talking to recently.)

Namechecks Nike+, Wattson, iPhone interface for monitoring electricity usage in your house (using Bluetooth plug sockets).

"It needs to be positive, fun and easy".

Next, Guy Pignolet from Sunsat Energy Council on solar energy capture.

We have plenty of energy coming to us from the sun. Maybe we need not more energy, but better energy - getting it in a more controlled way: from storms, waves, etc. We don't just need energy, we need controlled energy.

Japanese project: SSPS by Mitsubishi transports energy capture by sunlight using satellites to the earth by microwave: generate solar power in orbit. All the science exists now.

"We need a solar panel in space the size of Manhattan". So these are expected to be operational 30-40 years from now.

Second part: hydrogen. Batteries are poor, we don't know how to store electrocity - it has to be used when it's produced. Most of the universe is hydrogen.

...oop, battery low...