LIFT07: What kind of Humanity do we want, Paola Gillani

"I would like to speak to the technology of your soul today"

How long do we want humankind to last on our planet? We need to think in terms of sustainable development, but what is this?

1. Economical performance

2. Social development

3. Respect for the environment

This can only occur when there's corporate responsibility towards stakeholders. We need to take action as individuals.

Shows slide of Kenneth Lay, "a symbolic representation of maximising capitalisation".

The alternative is sustainable management, fair trade labelling, etc.

Why are we here? What is the purpose of the economy?

Innovation is important, apparently. So is new technology. Cool.

An interesting slide on sustainability and energy usage until 2100:

Energy sources by 2100

Didn't find this one particularly inspiring but I've been distracted by IM conversations...