LIFT07 Wrap-up: Daniel Kaplan, Fédération Internet Nouvelle Génération

We've been talking about increasingly embedded technology: into bodies, buildings and spaces. We won't enjoy the comfort of cyberspace now; what we're doing will have consequences in the real world, which we've ignored up til now.

It's not about productivity, it's about introducing disorder (or innovation, if you prefer that term).

What we're talking about is assertive technology, which acts as interlocutors for you.

One of the ways of building ones identity is to build it against other people: "these are not my values". There's a value to hiding information, to privacy... and a cost to transparency.

How do we solve major global problems we face? Global warming, oil supply, etc. Consider the cost of, say, 2nd Life avatars (particularly in a world with famine, say).

Power, borders, conflict: they're all here. Some are legitimate. The long tail of politics involves some fairly nasty political views getting prominence. Problems like this are not self-solving. Walmart etc post higher profits than ever - maybe not in 10 years time, but we said that 10 years ago.