More links I don't have time to write about properly:

  • New cell phones will reach out and slap someone, a story about haptics from the New Scientist;
  • WAP adverts are back; we did what I was told at the time was the first mobile+web+PDA ad campaign, with 24/7 Europe, just after FP launched back in 2000 I think. Not that shoehorning banner ads onto phones is anything to be massively proud of (there are much better ways to tie up mobile and advertising), but just to say that this stuff isn't new. Another good post on mobile ads here.
  • Is Nokia coming to I-mode?
  • DoCoMo open up DoJa development; again, we looked at this back in 2001 when we first started doing mobile Java projects, and did a few bits and pieces (all on emulators, of course - given that we're in Brighton, not Tokyo). It was good preparation for the J2ME work we're inundated with today: worthwhile technically but not commercially.
  • "Jef viewed good design as a moral duty, holding interface designers to the same ethical standards as surgeons." - what an obituary.
  • On Nintendo: "Can Nintendo really expect to move DS units by appealing to people that don’t consider themselves to be video game players?". My vote: shit yes, the number of people who aren't hardcore gamers dwarfs those who are, and Nintendo are a machine for converting electrons into fun.