.mobi and Ajax : They don't mix ...: "First, it is assumed that there is a clear divide between mobile sites and non-mobile sites; there isn’t. I have a mobile web browser on my PDA"

BONG! Sorry Ajit, you're disqualified :)

As a PDA owner, you're a freak. Don't worry about it - you're in the same box as most of the folks working in mobile right now (myself included), in that you care about the devices more than the public do. PDA owners are a tiny slice of the overall market - if you're launching a consumer-facing service, they're not usually economical to bother with. And their needs, expectations and capabilities are completely different from those of the mass market.

".mobi, by contrast, foresees islands where these domains do not mix; at least, they don’t mix a the level of the URI. That’s just not where AJAX and mobile web services are going. What’s more, the mobile web apps that are most likely to be successful and make money are precisely the ones that successfully achieve this data convergence."

I don't see why


Shouldn't both work, providing the sort of URI-application-state thing that Ajit is talking about and satisfying the .mobi requirements...