Mobile 2.0 Europe: Ted Morgan, Skyhook

"We're the guys who put the dot on the map". Preinstalled on iPhone, iPod Touch. Number of LBS apps growing - now 3000 across devices, tho vast majority on iPhone.

Mainly travel/navigation apps, but social (not including FB, Myspace or Twitter, none of whom natively do LBS), lifestyle, fitness, are next categories.

Average user requests their location 6 times/day (more than typical number of calls/day): totally 200m requests a day via Skyhook (compare to US Google traffic of 5-600m searches/day).

Two examples: Trulia and Taxi Magic.

Trulia: house-finder showing where nearest open houses available for viewing are nearby (instead of showing all sales).

Taxi magic: one button ordering and paying for taxis.

Last Call: track your drinking, know when to call the cab, find the nearest lawyer.

Geocade: location-based leaderboards for multiplayer games - narrowing down leaderboard by people around you. Lovely.

License plate finder, where you get scored on how far away you are from the state in question, cute.

UFO finder: find sightings near you for the last 40 years.

Average price of location apps: Apple $3.60, Android $0.84, Blackberry $13.60, Ovi $3.18, Palm free.