Mobile 2.0: Priya Prakash, Nokia: Beyond Free

Priya's slides are online here.

What's a designer doing talking about pricing? Unless there's a seamless and delightful user experience, nothing will sell. We know that people report higher priced wine as better.

Between Apple and Dixons, the last mile for delivering consumer technology is broken.

iPhone owners are a community, a club. iPhone purchasers are buying into a community.

The Wii community is proud of the injuries they've sustained - yet we consider this poor usability.

What is free? Time and attention are not free, nor are status and effort.

If you want users to upgrade from free to paid, you need to demonstrate the clear benefits they're missing in the free version, and design seamless calls to action to get them to convert. 37 signals are very clear on what their basic plan doesn't do.

Metrics are gold dust, they're a key tool for learning about your users.

If they've paid for it, users will return to an application more often.

If you want to monitise the user experience, you need a highly reactive business strategy.