• An interesting debate comparing performance and accuracy of DeviceAtlas and the WURFL;
  • Palm is having trouble getting profits from its sales. Have to say, I hear practically nothing of them in Europe nowadays. A shame as their Vx was one of my favourite handhelds for years (and I loved reading the story behind it in Designing Interactions);
  • Android is estimated as getting 4% marketshare in the US. Gawd knows how you can work out such numbers ahead of time, but I'm intrigued to see how it works out... not that the first handset launch will definitely make or break the platform (or is even a proper Google phone, apparently), but Android and iPhone seem to symbolise openness vs closed-ness. And whilst my heart's with open, I can't quiet that nagging voice whispering to me that the best user experiences come from tight control, end-to-end. Openness is the new freedom.
  • And then a story comes along to remind you that humanity is not homogenous, and hey, some places they might not even *want* the same stuff that gets the 2.0 crowd drooling: "Pricey, slow, feature-free phone fails to catch on in Japan", heh.
  • Fun to see people starting to worm their way around Apple restrictions - not that a few edge cases doing it before they're shut down really points to any sort of real change.
  • Linux-on-mobile is creating fragmentation; well, yes. Sharing an operating system with another device doesn't imply compatibility, much more than sharing chip hardware does. Android seems a brighter hope for Linux on mobile than anything else I've seen out there yet (most of which seems aimed at hobbyists so far).
  • "DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy" - Big Steve on music.
  • "Rejecting an application because it might compete with Apple is simply indefensible". Apple doing what's best for Apple - film at 11. Nothing new here, and it's not like this isn't covering familiar ground for them.
  • RIM are quietly launching a flip-phone (quiet being a relative term when most of the industry seems to be being drowned out by a Sauron-like roar from Cupertino).

Bedtime for Tombo.