I'm rubbish at predictions; in 1993 I thought the WWW was a waste of time, and that the future belonged to gopher. Nevertheless I've managed to contribute a few thoughts on where mobile is going in the next 10 years to this presentation which Rudy de Waele put together over the new year break.

Mine are pithy cop-outs, in general - of course there'll be more bandwidth, of course more of our internet access will be mobile, and it's hard to predict the complex societal effects of technology. We didn't get it right with SMS (who'd have thought 160-character messages crowbarred into the GSM spec would alter our habits around social rendezvousing?), so our chances of getting it right with the likes of augmented reality and mass access to the internet are pretty low. Never mind, best if we all just inspect and adapt, eh?

I do think that power and battery is an underexamined topic: screens, connectivity and location technologies all need energy from somewhere, and I'm convinced that a revolution in this area will change a whole load of deep assumptions that we make as an industry over what's possible in the land of untethered mobile devices.

Go check out the presentation, there's a pile of great stuff in there. David Wood has a nice summary of it.