Mobile2.0 needs flat rate billing, apparently: "For mobile2.0 to become a mobile user-driven media, and for mobile users to start accessing these web 2.0 services from their cell phones, they’re going to need flat rates from their operator or carrier. "

As a heavy data user, I'm all for flat-rate billing. But I don't think it's necessary for services to take off.

To use an analogy: if someone had told you that 160-character messages at 10p apiece would take off, would you have believed them? Personally I would've looked at email, taken the view that SMS was dead in the water, and shouted about how operators should make email free on the mobile as it is on the fixed web to drive traffic. And I would've been utterly wrong, of course ;)

Mobile doesn't need flat rate to take off; it's already taken off in territories which don't have flat rate billing. And there's no reason why "mobile 2.0" (whatever that is) can't fit into the existing models that we have now - it just needs to accommodate them instead of complaining about them.