Mobile banking service disappoints: "most publications have overlooked the long list of exclusions – those handsets which don't support the new Monilink software."

L'Inq goes on to list the handsets which aren't supported. These include "All Windows CE; NEC; Philips; Sanyo; Sendo; Orange SPV and all Orange 3G devices (except the Nokia 6630)". With the exception of "all Orange 3G devices" I wouldn't be too concerned about the missing support, they're all very niche handsets and don't (in our experience) get much in the way of usage compared to other devices out there.

I thought I'd sign up for Monilink and take a look. First impressions: OW! An 11-step registration process? Look, I know this is banking and all that, but this is ridiculous.

Second impression: a "gateway timeout" when I clicked on the WAP Push link Monilink sent me. Ah well...