I found this article weirdly contradictory... after the usual guff about "operators need to put customers first" (please... does this really count as insightful? Can't we collectively move on as an industry from bleating such bland truisms?), we got the weird two-hit combo of:

"Secondly, it's surely time for the industry to bury the 3G fixation. Far too much money has been thrown already at a service people simply do not want or need. At least not in sufficient numbers to make economic sense."


"Thirdly, it's time for the cost of GPRS data bandwidth to be drastically slashed. People want to access content - and will do so in large numbers..."

So err unless real people actually care what radio network their mobile is using at any one time (something I doubt Bruce is arguing here), then which one is it? Do people "not want or need" 3G, or do they "want to access content"?