Russ has posted re his new-found love of Sudoku, which prompts me to promote our mobile puzzles.

We launched Sudoku in August, and Crosswords very quietly about 10 days ago. The former was promoted throughout the national press for a couple of weeks, the latter just in Puzzlers magazines (so far). One day I'll write about our experiences promoting these games, what works and what doesn't.

If you're in the UK, text CROSSWORD or SUDOKU to 62899. If you want a hard or medium-difficulty Sudoku, stick HARD or MEDIUM in the message too. We support about 40 different handsets, if we don't support you now then we will do soon. Oh, and we've got hundreds of puzzles online and will make sure you never get the same one twice. We're big on customer care, it's important.


The first time you get either puzzle, you won't be charged (and there's no risk in finding out whether we have a version for your phone). Thereafter it's 25p a play, a world away from the £4.50 for a 10-pack that most folks charge... we want to encourage you to play. We think you'll like it enough to come back ;)

Features: you can pencil in numbers, cheat (but you pay a time penalty!), and enter an online league after you've finished (or even if you don't manage it). We also think these games look rather smart too.

We've learnt so much doing this. I'll be sharing what I can of this learning (hey, much of it is client confidential) at World Telemedia in November.

Apologies to anyone outside the UK - we don't distribute to you yet. If you're in the industry and would like to see some examples of our work, drop me an email or leave a comment here and I'll get something to you.