Antoine Quint, The Mobile SVG ecosystem

This is very much about putting ideas from the previous presentations into practice.

SVG Tiny = 2D graphics that scale. Subset of larger SVG specification. Deployed today is SVG Tiny 1.1+ All done in XML, which is apparently a strong selling point. "Integrates into developers workflow" - sounds painful.

It's open and royalty-free - yay. Big ecosystem around it (compared to what - how big?). No lock-in to a single company (wonder who he's referring to there?).

You can't shove SVG desktop content onto a mobile, but there are "synergies" between the two. You can use the same basic data and do a bit of pipelining to sort it out. Scalable *and* sexy!

Has committments from operators behind it: Orange, Voda, Au, DoCoMo are making SVG a device requirement and shipping services based on it. Every top manufacturer ships SVG-capable devices. Third party browser providers also support it. SVGT is deeply integrated with J2ME via JSR226 (joint effort between Sun and Nokia). JSR248 will put all these features into a "mobile service architecture" package.

Cue big slide with LogoSpurt.

Hardware chips with SVG are being manufactured - that's really interesting. Has anyone done equivalent with any competing technologies. 95 handset models, 80m SVG-capable handsets shipped.

Services using it: Vodafone Live-cast (Germany); Au/Voda/DoCoMo office document viewing; Sony Ericsson/Nokia themes.

Authoring tools: Adobe CS2.

Compound documents: XHTML + SVG as mobile equivalent of HTML+Flash then.

2006 is the year of SVG Tiny 1.2 and CDF. Better support for pushing technologies. A strong format for describing rich media content, and presumably a competitor to Flash Lite.

These things seem to be iterating quite fast... 1.1 isn't out there in big enough numbers yet (80m is a big number but not really huge in mobile adoption terms) and the focus seems to be shifting to 1.2

Demo (from handset): EPG using nested JavaScript stuff. Looks pretty but way more primitive than the demos he's shown running on t'Mac. Nice integration with video.