Matt Millar, Adobe

Wants to talk about drivers for experience on mobile.

Mobile user experience is an undelivered promise. "The UE is your customers relationship with you". More enjoyable = more use = (for most folks) more revenue. As switching costs go down, experience matters more. We're all in the fashion business - it's good enough to be technically great, it needs personality.

Experience is *not* "making it pretty".

The WAP model isn't right. Chopping up the internet for a small screen doesn't work. We need (surprise surprise) a rich client model.

Cell phones operate more like game controllers - texting without looking. (Fair to note that predictive text makes this tricky/impossible).

Myth: chrome is cool. Surface content to the top. Feedback is more important than visual affordance. Use natural, visual metaphors.

Myth: animation is gratuitous. Actually, humans are good at motion tracking.

Myth: more visible features = more value. Every screen needs a clear call to action.

Myth: one size fits all.

Overall: he's very much trying to dampen down the worst excesses of Flash.

Canned demo of watching a film trailer, clicking to see more times, mapping, grabbing voucher, etc.. Looks either fantastic or a collection of mobile cliches. Memo to self: cut down on caffeine before next MoMo.