More GPS buzz: "Combined with mobile Internet access, GPS (global positioning system) is seen in the industry as adding a new dimension to social networking that could also have implications for the media business. "

Lots of noise about GPS at the moment - this was the most interesting piece I came across though:

"Meanwhile, some 62 per cent of mobile users said built-in satellite navigation would be a useful addition to their mobile phones. "Consumers are much more excited by the prospect of having GPS on the handset than mobile TV," said Pete Cunningham, senior analyst at Canalys."

I'm coming round to the view that GPS embedded into mobiles is inevitable thanks to falling costs of the kit. But another interesting thing about it is that it puts control of location-based services firmly in the hands of the user. So there are no privacy issues (I only give out my location when I want to), and concerns over accuracy and availability of line-of-sight to GPS satellites can be mitigated by presenting GPS signal strength on-screen... just as mobiles summarise battery life (itself quite a complex system) in a very simple iconic fashion on-screen.

Personally, I think this battery-style metaphor should also be used for other things too, like data usage. I want to see my "data allowance" for the month gradually run down as I use it; if I could see this I'd get a feel for how much I was spending, how fast I was burning through it, and what my most expensive interactions are - in much the same way that watching my battery indicator fall over time tells me that constant 3G or bluetooth usage is a power-drain without my having to understand anything about stored current, battery technology, or Bluetooth power consumption.