My mobile "A survey of 761 mobile phone users aged 15 and over, commissioned from Ipsos MORI by LogicaCMG, found that 49 per cent of mobile phone users didn't know what model they use. A further nine per cent were unaware of the make.

Services firm LogicaCMG said this could mean mobile operators are losing money. If they knew what phones their customers were using, they would know what services they could try and flog them."

Erm. How does the fact that customers don't know what phone they have mean that operators don't know what phones their customers have? I don't follow this.

But it's a bit of a wake-up call for providers - whilst on the one hand I'd bet that most of the folks who are in the market for mobile data services these days are of a more sophisticated and technically-aware persuasion, why *should* customers need to know their make and model of handset?