MyNuMo Beta Launch - Mobile Personal and Social Media Marketplace: "Newly launched on Cingular's network and going live on T-mobile USA next week MyNuMo provides a marketplace for anyone to create content and sell their, ringtone, .wallpaper, text or video content to everyone else."

Interesting idea - and not the first create-your-own-ringtone service, I'm sure. But how does MyNuMo work with the owners of rights? I'd bet that most popular ringtones are based on music from the charts - or at least music written by someone other than the owner of the ringtone. The publishing and performance rights for these sounds are owned by record labels, no? In which case how will they react when music purchasers start recording their own CDs and making their own ringtones, cutting out the label?

As Jon Davis of BMG said a while back: "People will just take the CDs they buy from Woolworths, rip them to MP3 and transfer them to their devices. For the handset to then pop up a text offering to convert it to a ringtone is a real danger.'"