I just upgraded to a Nokia N70 yesterday. Is it me, or does pressing the red STOP key when you're running a Java app kill said app? It used to be that this would place it into the background where it would continue running - nowadays you can only background such an app by manually switching back to "phone" using the menu key.

Slightly annoying if so. We've done a couple of Java apps this year that benefit from being run in-the-background...

Other impressions of the phone:

Camera and image management are both more complicated, and the keypad shortcodes I used to use ("1" to activate night mode, etc.) no longer work. Not sure why - it's not like those keys are used for anything else instead.

The gallery app is awful. I *loved* the old "image viewer" on my 6680, it made scanning through pictures a joy (using full-screen mode). The current gallery seems to insist that I set up a slideshow and choose some accompanying music before I can view my pictures - yuck.

The Orange-supplied icons are too spindly, not solid and clear enough.

Fonts are weird, particularly in J2ME and the browser.

The handset seems faster, and memory issues on the 6680 (made worse by Orange Homescreen and iSync Agent) don't seem to have recurred yet, I appear to have about 30mb of RAM to play with which should keep the pressure off for a while.