2009 was a bad year for me - not without some amazing highs, but the lows won out. I'm not going to write about that, as most of it isn't suitable for public consumption. Instead I'll share a quote which stuck with me through the last 12 months; it's from the Qu'ran, and it's the most wonderful expression of optimism I've ever heard.

"At the end of the world, plant a tree"

I've got a set of things I want to do in 2010. Again, not all are suitable for public consumption, but a couple of them I'd like to publish in an attempt to egg myself into doing them:

  1. I want to make things again. I've not done much of it over the last year, I miss doing it and the further I get from building software, the less able I feel to influence how we do it at FP. So I'm going to spend at least a day a week working in one of our two production teams.
  2. I've ended every year for the last 10 being fitter than the previous one. This year I upped my running from about 40km per month to 100-120km. I want this trend to continue. I am never going to die.