First impressions of the Nexus 7 tablet (I took mine out today to see if it could substitute for iPad, in a full day of conference attending and note taking):

  • Battery life is great. 34% left after the day.
  • Form factor is great. Fits in a coat pocket, no need to carry a bag. Makes a surprising difference.
  • All my usual apps (Evernote, Kindle, etc) work beautifully. Android's definitely catching up/caught up here.
  • No 3G, boo. Means I will either have to tether, get used to caching stuff for offline use (Instapaper etc), or carry iPad around when I'm back in the UK: I use connectivity a lot, normally.
  • The keyboard in landscape is a bit annoying: the space bar gets very very close to the "home" button, meaning I've often been inadvertently leaving an app whilst typing. Really annoying, I'm hoping I get used to it enough to avoid doing this.