My Nexus turned up yesterday. I'll do a full review if I get time, but first impressions:

  • The unboxing experience was very good: simple, straightforward, friendly, good attention to detail.
  • The industrial design of this device equals the iPhone, I think: it feels solid, well put-together, clean and crisp;
  • The screen is amazing, probably the best screen I've ever used on a mobile device - bright, clear, large, and responsive to touch;
  • It's *fast* - the snappiness makes a difference, particularly switching between apps;
  • The camera is OK - 5 megapixels and a flash make a big difference (the HTC Magic camera was dreadful), but it doesn't equal some of the optics I've seen in Sony Ericsson or Nokia devices. There's still room for an Android device with an amazing camera;
  • The migration experience was middling; on the one hand all my email, contacts and calendars synced down without any trouble. Applications, bookmarks, and a few other bits and pieces didn't arrive, though applications I'd bought were waiting for me to download again from the Marketplace. I had to reconfigure every application I reinstalled with passwords, etc., which was a bit of a pain;
  • Android 2.1 is incrementally nicer. The main win for me is "undo" option in the Mail client, which is a godsend on mobile (particularly when I inadvertently hit the wrong key and delete/archive an email).

Overall, this is the first phone that lives up to all those 3G concept videos we were shown at the start of the century. I'm really impressed so far, though I'm only about 24 hours into using it...