Hmm, so the Nexus outsold the iPhone globally in February? This tweaked my scepticism gland, painfully. Especially as the articles is itself a quote from a fairly shallow piece elsewhere, which itself is a quote from one distributor of devices.

So this looks to me like one online trader of mobile devices noting a difference in iPhone and Nexus sales (fair enough, I'd imagine most iPhones are sold by Apple or operators)... being quoted by another site - and in the process their "16% more Nexuses sold in February" being misquoted as "Nexus Outsells iPhone Globally".

I'm fundamentally a fan of the Nexus (and I use one as my primary phone myself), but I've yet to meet someone who's actually paid for one. I love what Google are doing to seed them amongst developers, but it'd be really nice to see some Real People using one.