Antony@FP had a Nokia 6260 delivered today (a "temporary phone" whilst he awaits the arrival of his preferred 3G 3D beast). Interesting handset - is it the first clamshell Series 60 Nokia have done? The camera still looks crap - I can't imagine going back to 640x480 after experiencing the 1 megapixel gorgeousness of the 7610. But what I really liked was the addition of radio - which AFAIK is something that's been missing from Series 60 (I'm not sure why). The twisting head made me nervous though - I suspect I'd snap it the first time I took the handset out on the town for a night.

I need to write a longer post here about radio some time soon. We did a project last year which was heavily involved with this subject and mobile - which I've been given permission to write about, but it needs a proper write-up rather than a half-assed blog post.