Nokia are due to showcase their new blogging tool at CeBit. I like the sound of LifeBlog for several reasons:

1. It seems to require little or no effort from the user, and builds on metadata which can be added with no effort (e.g. the time photos are taken). Rather than actively maintaining an online journal, it seems to take data from the handset and automatically publishes it. I'm sure you'll be able to add commentary if you want to, and this automatic publication will no doubt encourage explanatory text, but it seems immediate in a way that weblogs frequently aren't.

2. It blurs the lines between the network and the handset, in much the same way that Google and Napster blur the lines between local and remote storage (why bother downloading documents from another server when you know you can find and retrieve them when you want in future?).

3. Effort has been put into determining where mobile is different from the fixed-line internet; this isn't just another piece of kit that lets you email or MMS pictures onto your weblog (as so many of these tools seem to be). And they've included the idea of mobile phones as places where you can consume content, not just produce it.