More notes from XP Day, courtesy of some scrawled-upon index cards I just found in my bag:

  • Rachel Davies emphasising the need to take actions from retrospectives immediately into planning!
  • Gwyn from New Bamboo on "team building through ritual violence": using The Sword of Integration as a physical commit token. He also alluded to the Hammer of Scrum. I'll have to write about our Standup Plunger some time...
  • Chris Ambler of Microsoft on their approach to game testing. He used a nice phrase, "1st time delivery", to demonstrate the difference between launching web-based software (which you can update after-the-fact) and shipping a physical CD. With most mobile apps being a pain to update, I see mobile as nearer to 1DD than not. Chris also delineated scripted and unscripted testing, touched on coverage as being vital (particularly in iterative development where you might plan to throw away lots of stuff), and a few other goodies.