And last but not least, a few bits and pieces that don't fit into any box, but are lovely nonetheless:

  • Afrika, a PS3 wildlife game where you photograph animals. Ahem, "first-person shooter".
  • Story arcs and The Wire. The Wire followed BSG as the second ever TV series I've bought the DVDs of and plodded through - and has delivered way more enjoyment than the slightly beautifully-started yet damp-squibbish Galactica has so far managed.
  • Everything you know about ARGs is wrong, from Dan Hon. Dan channels Charlie Brooker and burns his boat. Mobile-obsessed myself, I'm wondering when it'll be safe to drop gratuitous multi-platformness that seems to infect the genre in favour of a game that you just play all the time with your phone.
  • Iain Tate of Poke on high scores