Jeepers, the next few months are looking busy. I've just noticed that I'm out and about quite a bit, at quite a few mobile/dev/UX events:

  • I was Highly Chuffed to make it onto the lottery allocation of tickets for UXCampLondon on 22 August. Hmm, need to have a think about that one. I will have a rucksack full of handouts and wooden mobiles though...
  • ... as the next day I'm off to Agile2009 in Chicago, where Joh and I are running the "Mobile Mountain" workshop we've been prepping (and practicing) for the last few months;
  • September 4th brings dConstruct to Brighton, which is taking more of a mobile/ubicomp slant this year. I'll be the guy at the front nodding vigorously and salivating;
  • The next two days, we have BarCampBrighton, which - if I can wangle my way in - I'm really looking forward to - last years was fantastic, it's the perfect decompression from dConstruct;
  • The following weekend I'll be at EcoMo09, a 24 hour dev camp focused around creating tools to help people minimise their environmental impact. The pressure's off though, instead of competing in the hack day I'll be sat smugly on the judging panel, in full Simon Cowell mode;
  • OverTheAir returns on September 25th. I'll be running the "Mobile Mountains" UX workshop once more (by now well-oiled and tweaked after Agile2009);
  • At Mobile Web and Apps (20-22 October), I'm very excited to be doing a talk titled "Capitalising on Popular Culture: The Interplay Between Apps and Society", which sounds fantastically interesting and will be utterly amazing once I've worked out what to say and written it all;
  • A few of the FP crew, myself included, are heading up to the StackOverflow DevDay in London on 28th October.
  • November spawns a monster - on 18th, I'll be at Mobile User Experience, taking part in a panel discussion discussing what sort of mobile services we'll see over the next 5 years;

Pop me an email if you'd like to catch up at any of these...