Rapt audienceSo, I'm back from OverTheAir now, and just about caught up on sleep :)

I thought the event was absolutely excellent: a broad selection of topics for the talks (with 5 or so tracks running at any given time), an interesting selection of attendees (including plenty of folks from outside the usual crowd of mobile faces), and a brilliant atmosphere of collaboration. In particular the event seemed free from some of the operator-bashing which has a tendency to infect industry get-togethers; and I found the individual sessions to be particularly conversational (both those I attended and the talk that Bryan and I gave). It was really great to be able to discuss the realities of, say, mobile testing or approaches to mobile/web development with a crowd of smart people, all coming at the same problems from different perspectives.

In particular I enjoyed the Brian Fling talk, which managed to get even me worked up and enthusiastic about the way things are going (though I think it would be difficult for me, or indeed anyone, to equal the enthusiasm Brian shows for the iPhone).

Dougie and his fuelThe wi-fi was, I think, the best of any event I've ever attended: absolutely rock solid and snappy. The food was good, and the accommodation (which consisted of bean bags on a wooden floor) quite pleasant. Sleeping in my clothes for 3 hours before breakfast on Saturday morning left me a little... "fragrant", but what the hey :) And the few problems there were (the fire alarm leading to an evacuation on Friday) seemed to be passed over without trouble - a consequence of diligence by the organisers, I suspect.

I'll post separately about the two places where Future Platforms got most involved: the talk that Bryan and I gave about the PrimeSky astronomy project we've been doing for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and our entry into the hack competition.

And I can't wait for the next event. Rumour has it there might be something hosted by the MoMo Amsterdam folks which could be interesting. Thanks to all the organisers - Dan Appelquist, Alex Craxton, Margaret Gold, Ian Forrester, Jo Rabin, and all the others I've left out.