Allow me to join the throng of people punching the air with delight on the news of Palms upcoming return. I was a loyal Pilot and Vx user long before I got the mobile bug, and still have happy memories of the platform... and as it happened, the very first project that FP delivered was a native Palm application. The Palm story is one of my favourites, too: a small team (7 people I believe), laser-like focus on user experience, delivering a great product that went against conventional wisdom of the time: remember that handhelds post-Newton and post-Go were considered tried-and-failed. Check out Designing Interactions for a good couple of interviews with Hawkins and Haitani.

So, the Pre interests me for lots of personal reasons, let alone fact that it's demonstrably possible, post-iPhone, for someone to launch an entirely new platform and put a new and strong-looking competitor into the market. Sure, a new platform - particularly a decent one - once more exaggerates the problems of fragmentation that plague mobile, but it seems churlish to complain about a device that seems to deliver fresh thinking, decently executed.

So, some links and commentary:

And is it my imagination, or is the name Pre, and much of the marketing going along with it, a weird homage to Jeff Hawkins' (founder of Palm v1) theories on the predictive nature of our brains?