Fabien GirardinPICNIC07: Fabien Girardin

Some challenges of ubicomp:

  1. Invisibility: things may not be immediately apparent and will need signposting.
  2. Heterogenity: things need to work together seamlessly.
  3. Ownership: users of infrastructure don't own it.
  4. Cultural bias: designers add their own bias to designs.
  5. Decay: what do we do with old or decommissioned sensors?

One response to these challenges is playfulness:

  1. Seamfulness: deliberately exposing the existence of ubicomp sensors, say - e.g. by exposing the range of CCTV cameras to ensure people know where they're being watched.
  2. Ambiguity to draw attention or provoke questions about how people experience the environment;
  3. Learning from accidents, not just positive perspectives. Better can be worse sometimes.


  1. Technological messiness shouldn't be ignored
  2. Little works has been done on this
  3. We should understand how malfunctions can be communicated

See also the talk Fabien did at LIFT07