Julian BleeckerPICNIC07: Julian Bleecker

Went back to the keyboard, the early human/computer interface. Designed to spell the word "typewriter" with the top row of keys, as a tool for salespeople :) Shows guidance computer from the Apollo landing module, which had 18 keys. Contrast this with the space shuttle ("which doesn't even go to the moon"), a massively complicated bank of controls: it's the same thing but with many more buttons. There hasn't been an evolution of the interfaces (shows compulsory iPhone screenshot).

So where did this interface come from? Doug Engelbart; shows patent diagrams for mouse/computer diagram.

How would computers see us? A being with one eyeball, a huge finger, etc. How might viewing how the computer sees us change the interface in more playful ways. Looks at traditional playground play: physical activity becoming a game controller. Shows children playing a meteors-like game in real time.

He's not a gamer, but is more interested in their playful characteristics. To play WoW, he'd want to be able to take a hike or go for a bike ride and have that be of value within the game experience. Talks about Nike+.