PICNIC07: The Near Future of Pervasive Media Experiences, Q&A

Q: Who's the target market for these games?

Dennis: The street games are difficult to monitise because there's an infrastructure and running cost. The more passive games which run for a longer period are easier.

Nicolas: It's a bit like laser games, requiring a place with a specific infrastructure. My fear is that it could be turned into theme parks. It might be designed for specific targets or niches.

Fabien: I don't see how to get out of this niche or one-shot campaigns.

Dennis: There's a spectrum; at one end you have Pacmanhattan which only 10 people have played, at the other Nike+.

Q: I don't understand why you're pessimistic about the technology. Why can't it be server-based? Location services will become standard, and motion controls like on the Wii be widespread.

Fabien: I heard this 5 years ago. You have to show me a scenario that's engaging for people to use.

Q: We have this in Korea now.

Fabien: We need Koreans over here then. (He's talking about Koreans being somehow genetically predisposed to LBS gaming I think... I'd massively disagree)