Matt Adams of Blast TheoryPICNIC07: Urban Playgrounds, Matt Adams of Blast Theory

Artist working since 1991, making a range of artworks particularly game-based projects.

Shows "Can you see me now": using real-world runners controlled by players at laptops, to avoid being caught by virtual-world runners. Avatars communicate with their players by voice; players need to guide them to collect photos, using the cityscape as a field of play.

"Uncle Roy Is All Around You": exploring a meaningful connection between the fabric of the city and game play, using small city areas and tightly authored content.

These games are challenging to build and don't scale: this is the theme from a few of the speakers this morning. They need to learn about LocoMatrix :)

"Rider Spoke" in collaboration with Mixed Reality Lab of Nottingham Uni, launching October.

Piss, battery low so switching off until I find power. Which means no blogging of the rest of this or Mr Cerveny's talk... (as if mere written word can pretend to contain him...)