Right. I've been meaning to post something about this for ages. Now is the time.

I've been blogging on a personal basis since 2001 (though technically longer, as an early Future Platforms web site was - at the excellent suggestion of Mr Gooby - a weblog itself).

In that time I've written quite a bit of stuff: principally an awful lot about mobile and my take on what I see, but also I kept a diary of my aikido training for about 2-3 years (until I felt I couldn't write about it meaningfully any more), and also a fair amount of personal stuff. I like to think, in my more arrogant moments, that perhaps some of this is what I'm "known for" online: that if I were to die tomorrow, I'd cast some small but lasting shadow online as a result of my postings on these topics.

Not so.

My #1 post - the one which gets the most comments on it - is this one. Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? But look at the title.

This is what I will be remembered for: being the man who reminded people what the song from the annoying cereal advert - with Ross Kemp in it - was called.