So I finally gone dun it. I went to a fucking poetry evening.

Oh alright... I went along to SWIM at the Sanctuary Cafe. It was an open mic thing, and I was only really there to see James spit out one of his filthy word bursts - The Terrible Secret of the Librarians, which he delivered well. The thought of librarians locking themselves into underground cells and perforating their own eardrums tickled me. Particularly when combined with mental images of librarians I have known and loved.

But I was pleasantly shocked to find myself enjoying quite a lot of the other stuff I heard too: whether it be a man who seems to have spent 30 years narrating Lord of the Rings to himself in a darkened room, the guy who brought up "the conflated ugliness of John Major and Chris Evans - with John Major on top", or the bloke who referred to Christ as a failure who "couldn't even die properly", I heard a lot of things which supplemented my Inner Grin. So I suspect I'll be going back at some point, if only to hear a proper clown story.

Ah well. Next stop pilates classes and a child called Tarquin...