I dashed back from class last night (courtesy of a lift from Ms Trchalik) and rushed over to the Komedia to catch the last two-thirds of Poets vs MCs with James, Soph and Ruth. I'd expected it to be a fairly quiet affair (having been to a few low-key Brighton poetry events which tended to max out at around 20 people), and was amazed at how busy the place was. The Komedia was unusually packed out - with a strange crowd, split down the middle with everyone identifiable as a support of one group or the other.

Robin Poet and MC, united in song

The highlight for me was Spliff Richard - I'm not sure why he wasn't considered an MC, coming as he did from the slam poet side of the fence and out-rapping quite a few of the rappers - with Robin and Chris Parkinson coming a close second. On the MC side, Dr Syntax really stood out too :)